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The National Federation of the Blind is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for all blind persons. In the furtherance of this goal, we have established our scholarship award program. Recipients of Federation scholarships need not be members of the National Federation of the Blind. Federation scholarships and awards are judged on the basis of academic excellence, service to the community and financial need.


Scholarships for high school and college/ professional school students:

James R. Carlock Scholarship

In the amount of $1,000.00


Applicants must be:
  1. legally blind which is verified by an ophthalmological or optometrist report no later than January 2007,
  2. an Arizona resident or attending school in Arizona, and
  3. enrolled on a full-time basis.


The Scholarship Committee will review all applications received by April 30, 2007, and notify winners by telephone followed by a confirmation letter no later than the last week of May 2007. The scholarship will be awarded during the banquet of the annual state convention sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind of Arizona in September, 2007. Winners are required to attend all activities of the convention (as our guest) beginning at 5:00 pm Thursday through 12:00 pm Sunday. Winners will be responsible for all incidental costs to Convention which is not covered by the registration packet. Some examples of such costs may be but are not limited to: meals not covered by the registration packet and personal spending money.


The following list of application attachments must be mailed directly to:

NFB of Arizona 2007 Scholarship Committee
Attn: Mark Feliz 1038 West Hillview St.
Mesa, AZ 85201-2437
(480) 890-8943
  1. letters of recommendation
  2. state officer's letter
  3. official transcripts

Please fill out all fields completely and accurately, and read all instructions, as they are necessary for your application to be processed!

Scholarship Submission Form

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Institutions Previously Attended (High School and/or College) beginning with most recent:
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List Your Extra-Curricular and Community Involvement Activities:

Briefly Describe your Financial Need:

Attach the following Documents by copying (Control+c) and pasting (control+v) their contents into the following fields. If such letters or documents are not available in an electronic format, you can mail them to the Arizona division of the NFB at:

NFB of Arizona 2007 Scholarship Committee
Attn: Mark Feliz
1038 West Hillview St.
Mesa, AZ 852O1-2437
Phone: (480) 890-8943

Applicant Letter. Describe your career goals, and how our scholarship might help you in achieving them. Give us a brief biographical sketch, and tell us about your academic interest and awards/honors you have received.

If you apply for a National Federation of the Blind Scholarship through our National Office, you may mail copies of those documents, with the exception of the official transcript which must be an original, to also serve as an application for the National Federation of the Blind of Arizona Scholarships.

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To obtain applications for national scholarships, please contact:

National Scholarship Chairman, Peggy Elliot
805 5th Ave.
Grinnell, Iowa, 50112

or call the National Federation of the Blind at: 410-659-9314

or visit the website and follow the links.